Born in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, 1981

Currently Lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada


2001-2003, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Fine Arts, Vancouver, Canada

2000, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Scenic Painting Program, Vancouver, Canada


2023 'The Hornby Files', Rundall Art Residency, Hornby Island, Canada

2021Featured Artist for AFBC Architectural Awards of Excellence,

Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada

2021'THESE SO CALLED VACATIONS', 119 Parker St, Vancouver, Canada

2020 'Hydrometra', Galerie Kamila Regent, Saignon, Provence, France

2019 'Abundant Minimalism', Chan Family Collection, Vancouver, Canada

2019 'SZOBA FESTO', Rene Spiegelberger Foundation, Hamburg, Germany

2019 'Im Gona Give You Respect, Galerie Holzhauer, Hamburg, Germany

(Collaborative Exhibition With Carolin Leyck)

2018 ‘Evolution Pollution’, El Kartel, Vancouver, Canada

2017 ‘You’re A Tourist In My Town’, Espronceda Centre For Arts, Barcelona, Spain

(Collaborative Exhibition with Aili Schmeltz)

2017 ‘I Throw A Stick For You’, Chernoff Fine Art, Vancouver, Canada

2016 ‘Coach’s Corner’, KEV, Vancouver, Canada

2015 ‘PLN, Struktur, Elevation’, Spiegelberger Foundation, Hamburg, Germany

2014 ‘DEFT SENF’, The Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

2014 ‘The Man Without A Son’, AF Gallery, Colonge, Germany

2013 'Banisters Inn', Halle 14, Baumwoll Spinerai, Leipzig, Germany

2012 'Infinity Broadcast', Galerie Kub, Leipzig, Germany

2012 'Kayseri Manti', London Art Fair, Solo Booth Courtesy of Edel Assanti Gallery

2011 'Instant Harmonica', Edel Assanti Gallery, London, England

2010 'KYKKELIKI', Stolen Space Gallery, London, England

2010 'Erupto', Galerie Kamila Regent, Saignon, France

2009 'Horn OK Please', Raum 21, Hamburg, Germany

2008 ‘Market Superannuated’, Glanzkinder Gallery, Colonge, Germany

2008 ‘Superannuated Symbiotics, SKAM, Hamburg, Germany

2008 ‘Schnittchens’, Mono Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2007 ‘Better Than Ever Before’, Vicious Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2006 ‘Escape Routes’, LES Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2004 'Frantic Scratchings', Misanthropy Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

(Beer Bench Gospel Collective)


2023 'POP OP ART SALE', TRAPP PROJECTS, Vancouver, Canada

2023 'The Dubois Family Festival of Art and Music', Hornby Island Community Hall, Canada

2022 'Open Studio', Hornby Island Artist Studio Crawl, Hornby Island, Canada

2022 '100 AMIGOS' Oxford Properties, Vancouver, Canada

2020 'POP OP ART SALE', TRAPP PROJECTS, Vancouver, Canada

2020 'Hamburg Art Week', Hansa Viertel, Hamburg, Germnay

2020 'The Color of Color', Manoir de L'Etang, Mougins, France

2020 PArt Art Auction, Van Ham Auction Haus, Hamburg, Germany

2020 'In The Dust We Trust', Underwood Studios, Florence, Italy

2020 'Que viva el color', MS EUROPA 2/Hapag Lloyd-Cruises courtesy of Galerie Holzhauer

2019 '15 Jahre, 15 Tage, 15 Stunden, Galerie Holzhauer, Hamburg, Germany

2018 ‘BARTR group show, Tinta Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2017 ‘Beyond Boarders’, Neuer Wall 72, Hamburg, Germany

2016 ‘LYC Contemporary Art Walk, Clara Park, Leipzig, Germany

2015 ‘Selected Works’, FIELD satellite, Vancouver, Canada

2014 ‘LYC Contemporary Art Walk, Clara Park, Leipzig, Germany

2014 ‘The Directors Cat’, with Mark Matthes, Halle 14, Spinnerei, Leipzig

2014 ‘Benefiz Auction’, Halle 14, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

2013 'salondergegenwart', Hamburg, Germany

2013 ‘Now Playing’ SHIFT, Collaboration with Kevin Dubois, Vancouver, Canada

2013 ‘MONOMANIA II’, Trench Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2013 ‘WAND’, Kapriole, Hamburg, Germany.

2013 ‘The Settlers’, Halle 14, Spinnerai, Leipzig, Germany

2013 'Stenten', The Resilience of Line, Trench Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2012 'No Place Like Home', Notare An Der Palmaille, Hamburg, Germany.

2012 'Lobster Claw Buffet', with Ki Yoon Ko and Igor Maier, Stroke Art Fair, Berlin

2012 'City Doping Festival', Warsaw, Poland

2011 'Synthetic Real', Edel Assanti Gallery, London, England

2011 'Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970's, with Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark, Barbican Art Gallery, London, England ('Duet For Two Bicycles' Short Film)

2011 'Edel Assanti = 1', Edel Assanti Gallery, London, England

2011 'Ritual', Causey Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA

2010 'Never Judge', Stolen Space Gallery, London, England

2010 'Helping Hounds of Hell 2', Berlin Art Projects Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2010 'Summer Group Show' Stolen Space Gallery, London, England

2010 'Tokyo here we come', Hiromart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2010 'BAT Pack', Mile End Art Pavilion, London, England

2010 'Give and Take', Feinkunst Kruger, Hamburg, Germany

2009 'Winter Group Show' Stolen Space Gallery, London, England '

2009 'Urban Affairs', Stattbad Wedding, Berlin, Germany

2009 'Kampnagel Live Art Festival', Hamburg, Germany

2008 'Urban Affairs', Brauerei Friedrichshöhe, Berlin, Germany

2008 'The Pickled Hering', Dockville Festival, Hamburg, Germany

2008 ‘The Helping Hounds of Hell’, Helium Cowboy Gallery & Neuro, Titan Gallery, Berlin

2008 ‘Ausblender’, Kunstforum Altona, Hamburg, Germany

2007 ‘Other than the obelisk’, Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg, Germany with OTHER, Montreal

2007 ‘Hinterconti Group show’, Botnik studio, Göteborg, Sweden

2007' The Moldy Oyster’, Dockville Festival, Hamburg, Germany

2007 ‘Filthy Pleasures 2’, Gigi Artspace, Hamburg, Germany

2007 ‘Frozen Cirrostratus’, with Tjorg Douglas Beer, Volker Hueller, EKKERS Gallery, Eindhoven

2006 ‘End 2 End’, Linda Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2006 ‘Brave Art’, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2006 ‘Episoden und Fragmente’, with Beer Bench Gospel, OLGA, TMSisters,

TOY, and VIP, Filter Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2005 ‘The End’, Misanthropy Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


2022-23 Rundall Art Residency, Hornby Island, Canada

2019 Chambre de sejour, Saignon, Provence, France

2019 Mas Els Igols, Torrelles de Foix, Catalonia , Spain

2018 Budapest Art Residency (BARTR), Budapest, Hungary

2017 Espronceda Centre for Arts, Barcelona, Spain

2015 Gangeviertel Studio Residency, Hamburg, Germany

2014 Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Canada

2014 Baumwoll, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

2013 Baumwoll, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

2012 Gangeviertel Studio Residency, Hamburg, Germany

2010 Chambre de sejour, Saignon, Provence, France

2009 Vorwerkstift, Hamburg, Germany

2009 Kampnagel Theater 1 year Studio Residency, Hamburg, Germany


The Chan Family Collection

Rene Spiegelberger Foundation

Burrard Arts Foundation

Kamila Regent Collection

Numerous Private Collections


2021 The Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

2019 The Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

2014 Art MUC - Munich

2013 Art Toronto

2013 Art Cologne

2013 The Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

2012 The London Art Fair

2012 Stroke Art Fair Berlin


APT Global Arts Trust


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2016 Hamburger Unternehmer Nr. 03/2016

2015 ISSUE- Art Publication, Vancouver, Canada

2014 Stadtrevue Cologne, ‘The Man Without A Son’ Review

2014 Halle 14, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig - Benefitz Auction Catalog

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2012 UNIKAT Issue VI, Full Feature Catalog, Spiegelberger Stiftung

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